Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lovely Lines

Enjoy this beautiful poetry book by me.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Best Places To Eat

I love food with a passion. I am always up for trying new things. Here's a few places I been to and has great food. Hope you guys try it someday and enjoy it.
1. Luigi's Pizzeria
I tried Bruschetta here for the first time and it was delicious. It kinda sucked though that 4 pieces were like $7. But it sure was worth it. Now the pizza; Omg. It was really good. And it was really cheesy. I love the type of pizza where you take your slice and there's just a long string of cheese. Deelish! And what's funny is, I don't lik so much cheese on my pizza. I can honestly say that this pizzeria is my fav. This pizzeria is located at  Pier 39 in San Francisco, CA.
2. Marcello's Italian Restaurant
I came here for Valentine's Day; The setting was so beautiful complete with music, rose petals, candles, and dim light. It was so hard to choose a meal because it all sounded so delicious. I ended up choosing the Chicken Marsala. The only way to describe it; I felt like i was having an orgasm haha. It was that delicious. The bread they give you was also great. I plan to go back someday. This restaurant is located in Yuba City, CA.
3. Moo Moo's Burger Barn
Now, I haven't tried the burgers but they do sound good. I am always ordering from the sandwich menu. The BLT, Hot Pastrami, and Club is really good. I order a side of regular fries also. Way better than Mickey D's or Burger King fries. Moo Moo's is located in Stockton and in Lodi, CA.
4. Los Pancho's Restaurant: Mexican and Salvadorean
One of my favorite Mexican restaurants. I personally know the owner, Sal, who is a great person. He really gets along with his customers. The food is also great. I constantly buy the pupusas and horchata. All I can say is come and enjoy the authentic food here. You will love it. Located in Stockton, CA.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Hey everybody, ya'll need to check this rapper out. His name is Royale; born in North Carolina and now in Cali. He be havign the most positive messages. Check out his website You can also find him on facebook and twitter.