Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guardian Angel

I remember having a huge Birthday/Christmas party every year with the whole family. Some were dancing, some were talking, others were laughing. We always had fruit filled cake, and every time, Abuelita would be the one cutting it, or so I think lol. I can only hear her voice when everybody sang happy birthday.

I remember always going to church with her and Abuelito. We would drive all the way to SF. One time we saw a Mexican folklore dance. It was really nice. I think the same day, the church was having a Christmas sale and I wanted to buy something for Abuelito. So she helped me look around and we finally decided on an old fashion phone. At the time, I didn't know it held cologne and baby powder or so I think it was.

I remember going with her to the MLK Community Center. She volunteered packing bread. I would  be right there helping her. At the end of the day, we were able to take some home also. One time she took a Barney game for me (shhh). We played with it on her bed, I'll never forget that.

I remember every night she would put me to sleep with a prayer. Even though she taught me every night, I still don't remember how :/

I remember her cooking all the time. After every meal, she would tell us (me, Dominique, Little, etc) to take our dishes to the sink. Then she would open the garage door and tell us to tell Jesus (you guys know the cross with Him on it) "thank you". I miss doing it now.

I remember going with her to pick up Dominique and Little from the bus stop after school. I would also go with her to take them to school.

I remember going with her to the bathroom every time lol. I would be right there with her just to give her toilet paper. I would always watch her whenever she put her make-up on. I still remember that huge round case that held all her nail polish. She was the one who taught me how to brush my teeth the right way. One time Dominique and Little were taking a bath, I was reaching for something and I fell into the tub with all my clothes on haha.

I remember sitting with her in the living room watching her shows even though i didn't know much spanish. She got me so hooked on Sabado Gigante. I'ma start watching it again.

I remember her having a closet full of clothes. Especially those fur coats. I would always be playing in that closet.

I remember coming over to visit and it just felt so good to feel her kiss against my face. And her warming hugs. No matter what age, she stayed beautiful.

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